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Have You Been Feeling Stuck?


Your New Story Starts Here.

By breaking down mental barriers, you can live the life that you've always wanted to live and set yourself free from the thoughts that hold you captive. 

Change starts from within. 

Hypnotherapy will allow you to dive deep into your inner most belief systems and work on rewriting your inner dialogue and personal narrative.

Don't take my word for it, take theirs:

Had a great session with Sasha.
Being a Surgeon, clarity of thought and decision-making are of paramount importance to me.
Due to life that sometimes pushes us in the direction of living in a default mode, we lose clarity and fuzziness sets in. After the first week of RTT- things seemed different. Better clarity!
Bizarrely for some reason, I felt less tired akin to my energy levels when I was in my 20’s.
Decision-making quickly without procrastination.

Dr. Pavan Alaru

Would you do more RTT sessions, Michele?
Yes, I will for sure. I am very happy and have found Sasha to be a positive driving force behind healing.

Michele Shorter

Owner of Odyssey 24Hour Gym, Fitness Professional

I knew the moment that I heard about RTT that it was what I was looking for. Combined with the comprehensive, but quick, intake it was exactly what fit my busy life.

Louise Wilson

No words to fully express the gratitude I’m feeling right now towards Sasha and her healing practice. The experience with RTT made me discover, heal, and empower myself again. Deeply recommended.

Marco Tesi
Somatic Practitioner, International Men's Circles Facilitator

Working with Sasha feels like I am talking to my best friend. There are no judgements just loving humans wanting to help. The customized autohypnosis recording feels very grounding.

Dr. Alison Thompson
Founder – Thirdwave Volunteers, Chaplain to the UN

I would recommend RTT to everyone. I personally had an amazing experience working with Sasha. She’s very friendly and she has a lot of knowledge. In one session this might change your life!

Savo Kosic
X2 World MMA Champion, Public Speaker, NLP Instructor, Hypnotherapist, Entrepreneur

I had an amazing experience and breakthroughs using Sasha’s techniques. I felt comfortable and safe with RTT. Sasha was gentle and very professional when dealing with me, especially when some very sensitive and intimate topics came up. I highly recommend Sasha to anyone who wants to find freedom and heal.

Krista Wright
Dental Hygienist, Theology Student

Initially skeptical of my own ability to even be responsive to RTT I was immediately proven wrong with otherwise prodigious results.
The intake process and testing were just the beginning of what has been one of the best choices I have made in improving my overall mental and physical health. Previously plagued by doubt, confusion, procrastination, pain, insecurity, and trauma.
Sasha has helped me tremendously to stop beating myself up by redirecting my thoughts through affirmative subconscious healing.
If anyone needs help putting the bright back into their shimmering darkness, RTT is your source of rescue.

Keith Kalinowski
Founder of Grain Candy, Artist


Meet Sasha Tanoushka

Sasha is a Board Certified Hypnotherapist, and professional member of the International Association of Counsellors and Therapists and Certified Rapid Transformational Therapist, a Certified TLP Coach with Advanced Brain Technologies, a Neurofeedback practitioner and provider of Vital Neuro.

Leveraging evidence-based neuroscience and therapeutic modalities, she has dedicated close to a decade to helping clients navigate life’s complex transitions, from career changes to coping with trauma. Her work as a hypnotherapist utilizes her word artistry, voice skills, and intuitive coaching skills.

From her first amateur boxing fight at 43 to her debut as an Executive Producer at 49, Sasha Tanoushka’s journey is a testament to lifelong learning and breaking barriers. Sasha's sport of choice is golf and she practices Taoist Tai Chi.


Introducing A New Approach

Rapid Transformational Therapy

RTT® is a multi-award-winning therapeutic approach that uses powerful, evidence-based techniques to provide people with the

tools they need to make positive change.

The roots of RTT® are drawn from within areas of traditional psychotherapy such as gestalt, solution-focused and cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy, and mindfulness.

Young Girl

In Partnership with

Vic BizHub

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is offered in Victoria’s Vic Biz Hub. Your session includes a welcome chat at the bar and RTT in The Boardroom, surrounded by Victoria’s historic and entrepreneurial ambiance. 

Each complete session lasts up to 2 hours.

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